Liposuction is a reshaping operation. There are lots of parts of our bodies that we can carry out liposuction. In the order from top to bottom, we can use the neck area, we can use the upper arm area, sometimes we can also carry out liposuction especially on sides of breasts however, usually we use the tummy area, we use the love handles, we sometimes use the back area, we use hips, we use upper legs.
What is liposuction? (1/5)  
It’s highly possible for you to have heard about liposuction surgery but do you know that it’s actually not a weight loss o ... Show More

Where on your body can you get liposuction? (2/5)  
If you are considering undergoing liposuction operation this video will help you acknowledge on which body areas you can ha ... Show More

What do you need to know before liposuction? (3/5)
You will find the basics about the limitations of a liposuction operation, anesthesia type used during this surgery, durati ... Show More

What happens during liposuction? (4/5)
This video explains the whole liposuction process step by step beginning from the place of the incision line, sedation proc ... Show More

Liposuction post operation (5/5)
What happens after a liposuction operation? Will you need any special treatment such as lymphatic massage, equipment, such ... Show More

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