Breast Augmentation
Nowadays, people are very eager to enhance their body appearances and the majority of them see their breasts as one of the femininity centers on their body. Patients who have congenitally small breasts, asymmetric breasts or tuberous breast deformity or sometimes patients who have a breast sagging or breast shrinkage, which may occur after the pregnancy and breastfeeding period, are good candidates for the breast augmentation surgery.
Why is breast augmentation so popular? (1/15)
Are you curious about which breast surgery type is the most popular among women? If so, this video is what you are looking ... Show More

Who is good candidate for breast augmentation? (2/15)
Do you have hesitations whether you are a suitable candidate for a breast enlargement operation or do you know possible med ... Show More

How breast augmentation surgery is done? (3/15)
You will find details about breast augmentation surgery process, duration of boob job operation, the medications you will b ... Show More

How do I choose the right size breast implant? (4/15)
This video explains every step of surgical planning beginning from the measurement of your chest dimensions, your breast si ... Show More

Choosing the right incision for breast augmentation (5/15)
In this video you will find a brief information about incision lines or in other words through which area your breast impla ... Show More

Breast implant under the muscle vs over the muscle (6/15)
Do you know where your breast implant will be placed or the difference between an under muscle  (submuscular) implant vs an ... Show More

Incision Placement (7/15)
This video is all about after surgery scars, what you will do about your sutures, how you will care for your incision lines ... Show More

How long does it take to get used to a breast implant? (8/15)
If you wonder; after your breast augmentation surgery when you will get used to your new and bigger breasts this video is f ... Show More

Turning back to normal life after breast augmentation (9/15)
If you are actively working or you have some kind of responsibility back home you will probably be concerned about your ret ... Show More

When can I exercise after breast augmentation? (10/15)
In this video you will find answers to your questions such as: when will I be able to go back to my workout routine, when i ... Show More

How to choose the right bra after breast augmentation (11/15)
Are you worried about what type of bra you will wear after your breast enlargement operation or when you will be ready to w ... Show More

Sexual life after breast augmentation (12/15)
This video includes a brief information about the appropriate time for you to go back to your sex life without harming your ... Show More

Screening tests for women with breast implants (13/15)
Most of us wonder if there is any chance of breast implants to cause breast cancer directly or indirectly. If you are one o ... Show More

How bra and cup size changes after the surgery (14/15)
This video explains which bra size you will wear after your breast augmentation surgery. The thing is your boob job will no ... Show More

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