Genital Aesthetic Operations
Based on genetic factors or having multiple pregnancies, patients may have some problem on their genital area.There may be some saggy skin or the fatal loss in this area and we can fix this problem.These procedures are not only reshaping the labia minora by reducing the height and width but also making fat injections to labia majora or removing the excess skin of labia majora.
Why is genital cosmetic surgery important? (1/3)
One of the popular operations among plastic/cosmetic surgeries is the genital aesthetic surgery.  Issues in labia minora- i ... Show More

How long does genital cosmetic surgery take? (2/3)
If you want to know the duration of a vaginoplasty operation and the anesthesia type used for this surgery this video is fo ... Show More

Recovery Period After Genital Cosmetic Surgery (3/3)
This video is like a genital cosmetic surgery post-op agenda. It will provide you the most important steps after a labiapla ... Show More

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